Organic Rice Is Free From Arsenic

Often sold at a more expensive price does not make organic rice deserted enthusiasts. Because, some people assume, organic rice and other organic foods tend to be healthier, tastier, and more nutritious. Although organic rice tends to be healthier, you should pay attention to the arsenic content found in organic rice. Because just like ordinary rice, organic rice is also likely to contain arsenic, a substance that has a bad effect on health. Get to know Organic Foods Before discussing more about arsenic in organic rice, first know what organic food is. Organic foods that are now easy to find, are foods that are grown or made using natural methods. In organic plants, chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers, not used at all or very limited. The processing process also does not use synthetic food additives and does not use radiation aids. Organic Rice Also Contains Arsenic Although organic foods tend not to be exposed to chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers,
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